What Is Mobile Signal Booster & How Does It Work?

What is Mobile Signal Booster?

Mobile Network booster

Mobile Signal Booster

Mobile Signal Booster (also known as Mobile Signal Repeater) is an electronic device that helps in improving mobile signal, voice quality and network at your home, office or basement. It is primarily made of 3 components: outdoor antenna, amplifier and indoor antenna. The outdoor antenna is generally placed at the roof or outside your home or office. It transmits a signal to an amplifier which amplifies the signal and broadcasts it to the area where the signal is weak. In other words, Mobile Signal Booster amplifies the signal outside your home and rebroadcasts it to an area where there is weak or no network. In simple words, it is like megaphone for your weak signals.


How Does a Mobile Signal Booster Works?

Mobile Signal Booster

To understand how a Mobile Signal Booster works we first need to understand why we drop calls. There are two primary reasons for this as follows :

  • Distance – The main reason for getting weak signal and call drops is the distance, that is being too far away from the cellular network tower. Your phone, in this case, might not be strong enough to communicate back with the cellphone tower. 
  • Obstruction – It means something is obstructing or blocking the signal to reach your phone. This could be geographical conditions mountains or tress or a high rise building, construction material like cement and or steel. Rough terrain like mountains play a significant role. In fact weather can play a significant role in cellular network. 


distance from cell tower

There are 3 main components to a Mobile Signal Booster. Outdoor Antenna, Signal Booster and Indoor Antenna. The outdoor antenna takes the weak signal which is outside your home, captures it and sends it inside to the signal booster. The signal booster will amplify the signal and send it to an indoor antenna which spreads the signal throughout your home or office. So it works by taking a weak signal from outside your home, boosting it and sending the strong boosted signal throughout your home or office. It works the other way around as well, implying that it will take the weak signal from your phone device, amplify it and send it back to the cell phone tower. So it is helpful in solving both the problems of Distance and Obstruction. 

This helps in improving your data and voice quality by up to 32 times. And of course you can say goodbye to weak signals, drop calls and your buffering. The best part about a mobile signal booster is that it works and supports all networks. So even if you change your cellular provider or if you a friend over, you can stay relaxed. Let us help you with benefits of Mobile Signal Booster in detail. 

Why do you need a Mobile Signal Booster?

No signals

Do you often look like the guy in the image? How many times have you asked this question, “Hey! Can you hear me?” “Is my voice audible?” “I am sorry I didn’t get what you said.” “I beg your pardon.” “There is some network issue at my end.” There must have been multiple instances where you dropped a call. Your friends, customers and acquaintances complained about your phone not reachable. Your data speed is slow and buffering does not seem to end. Basic chat services like Whatsapp also give up and video call via Skype becomes a dream. We can relate the atrocities and agony you go through without the cellular network service. You go to your balcony, window or terrace to have a stable connection. Weak signals can often lead to dropped calls, poor voice quality, slow internet, super slow upload and download, stuck text messages and continuous buffering. If you face any of the challenges above, we have just the product for you, Mobile Signal Booster.


Types Of Mobile Signal Booster

Mobile Signal Booster comes in a wide variety to tailor fit the requirement of consumer. It depends on needs of the user, the area they want to boost and the operator and frequencies they will like to boost. Broadly they are two types of needs of the user. One is the technology they will like to boost like 2G 3G or 4G frequency. The other one is the mobile operator they would like to boost like Jio, Airtel, Vodafone etc in India.

Benefits Of Mobile Signal Booster

Can you even imagine a day without a cell phone. It is not something you want but what you need. Imagine you have to make an urgent call but there is no network. Imagine today is your birthday but no well wisher could call because your phone is not reachable. Or even worse, there is an emergency and you can not establish a connection with 911. All of these nightmares could be avoided with just a simple, easy to install and maintain, Mobile Signal Booster. There are a lot of reasons to buy this product but let us start with the top 8. 


Simple to Install & Maintain

They are easy to install and maintain. If you wish to know how to install it, kindly click here. Unlike wifi, you do not need any password. You just need to plug it in, grab a cup of coffee and call your friends and family at ease.

drop call mobile signal booster

No More Dropped Calls

If you experience dropped calls from time to time, then trust us, you are not all alone. At least 68% of people experience the same issue at least once a week. With Mobile Signal Booster, say goodbye to dropped calls and say hello to high quality voice calling and faster data.

safety mobile signal booster

Enhanced Safety

With everything available at a click of button, it becomes necessary to have a cell phone available with you always. But without a network, there is nothing much you can do with your phone. In case of any emergency you might not be able to contact 911. So for your safety and of your loved ones, it also becomes a necessity.

safe battery with mobile signal booster

Longer Battery life

Signal Boosters also helps in saving the battery phone. With a network always available, your phone’s continuous search for signal ends and helps in saving battery. Stronger cell phone signals need less power to send and receive data.

Mobile network booster rupee

High selectivity and affordability

There are a wide range of options available to suit your requirement. They come with different frequencies and bands. The more area you need to cover, the higher frequency model is needed. Similarly it comes with different band and carrier or cellular network providers like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio etc.


Uninterrupted Browsing

Nowadays we do almost everything with our mobile. From watching news to shopping for your favourite shoes to watching series on Netflix. We rely for almost everything on our phone. So it becomes necessary that this experience should go peaceful and undisturbed. Because let's be honest who likes a buffering icon. Mobile Signal Booster acts as a catalyst and makes sure this experience goes smooth.

Mobility of mobile signal booster

High Mobility

The process of installing a Mobile Signal Booster is easy and does not always require technical assistance. It does not take up a lot of space and it is easy to carry it around. So even if you are between houses or if your landlord kicked you out, the process of installing it again is a piece of cake. You don't need to load it in truck, just carry it inside your bag. Yes, it is that handy.

users of mobile signal booster

Not Limited To One User

With wifi, if there are a lot of users using it at the same time, it affects the speed of the internet and deteriorates the user behaviour. But with Mobile Signal Booster, any number of people can enjoy the benefits. The number of users does not impact the functionality of the product.

Conclusion – The benefits of Mobile Signal Booster are never ending and it is a must have product in this era. Still if you wish to try some free ways to boost your signal, feel free to click here. Our experts at Boost Signal have curated 13 ways to Boost Signal for free. Do check that out.