Mobile Signal Booster for Basement


Mobile Signal Booster for Basement

Mobile Signal Booster for Basement is a simple plug and play, electronic device that helps to improve weak cellular network. We know that call drops, poor voice quality, slow internet can be very disappointing. But you do not have to worry about it anymore. Our range of Network Boosters for Basement is just the solution you are looking for. We have network booster to tailor meet the requirements of all our customers. So you relax in your basement and leave all your network problems behind. 

But What is a Mobile Signal Booster for Basement and How Does it Work?

Mobile Nework Booster for Basement is like a megaphone which amplifies whatever it receives. It receives a signal from outside, amplifies it and rebroadcasts to your entire basement. It consists of 3 parts: Outdoor Antenna, Amplifier or Signal Booster and Indoor Antenna.

Outdoor Antenna:- It is placed on your terrace, balcony or outside your basement. It captures the weak signal from outside and sends it to the signal booster.

Signal Booster:- It receives the weak signal from the outdoor antenna, amplifies it and sends it to the Indoor antenna.

Indoor antenna:- After receiving the amplified signal from signal booster, it rebroadcasts it, throughout your basement. 

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Mobile Signal Booster for basement

Best Selling Mobile Signal Booster for Basement

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Mobile Signal Booster for Basement 4G

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Mobile Network Booster for Basement 3G​

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Mobile Signal Booster for Basement 2G​

Mobile Network Booster for Basement will Amplify Which Cellular Networks

Mobile Network Booster for Basement comes in a lot of models to tailor suit the requirement of your Basement. We have products available for all the frequencies like 2G, 3G and 4G. The products also available for leading cellular network providers like Jio, Airtel, Vodafone etc. Our products also have a frequency range and cover a wide area upto 9000 sq ft. Whatever your requirement is, we have a tailor made Signal Booster, just for you.

Why do we face signal problems at your basement

There are a lot of reasons why we face network problems, most prominent reasons are mentioned below:

1 Distance – The main reason for getting a weak signal at your basement is the distance, that is being too far away from the nearest cellular network tower. Your phone, might not be strong enough to communicate back with the cellphone tower. 

2 Obstruction – There are a lot of obstructions that break the signal which primarily include cement, steel, bricks and other construction material. Ground level objects like trees also interfere with cellular signal. That is the main reason that we face network issues in our basement.

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