Mobile Signal Booster in Delhi


Mobile Signal Booster in Delhi

Mobile Signal Booster in Delhi :- Delhi, like many other cities in India, is undergoing urbanisation and rapid developments in infrastructure and communication. Big telecom giants like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio etc see a rapid increase in subscribers. However, these giants have failed to provide an impeccable cellular network everywhere around the city. There are a lot of parts in Delhi where users experience poor cellular networks. 
You might also experience network problems in your home, getting weak signals in your living room. Travelling to your balcony, terrace or window just to communicate over the phone. It becomes challenging to rush every time you get a call. It makes your day to day operations difficult and really irks your mood. You feel frustrated asking continuous questions like Hey! Can you hear me?” “Is my voice audible?” “I am sorry I didn’t get what you said.” “I beg your pardon”.
If you face similar problems, we have just the product for you. We are leading manufacturer, wholesaler, trader and retailer of Mobile Signal Booster in Delhi, providing only premium quality products at affordable prices. 

What is a Mobile Signal Booster?

A Mobile Network Booster is an electronic, plug and play device that amplifies weak signal and rebroadcasts to your entire home, basement or office. It is like a megaphone, but for cellular signals. It is made up of 3 components, Outdoor Antenna, Signal Booster (Signal Repeater), Indoor Antenna. 

Outdoor Antenna:- It is generally placed on your terrace, balcony or in an open area. It captures the weak signal from outside the building and sends it to the signal booster.

Signal Booster:- It receives the weak signal from the outdoor antenna, amplifies it and sends it to the Indoor antenna.

Indoor antenna:- After receiving the amplified signal from signal booster, it rebroadcasts it throughout the building. 

Mobile Signal Booster

Benefits of Installing Mobile Network Booster in Delhi

Can you even imagine a day without mobile these days. It is not something you want but what you need. Imagine that you have to make an urgent call but there is no network. Imagine today is your birthday but no well wisher could call you because your phone is not reachable. Or even worse, there is an emergency and you can not establish a connection with 911. All of these nightmares could be avoided with just a simple, easy to install and maintain, Mobile Signal Booster.

No More Dropped Calls – You can say goodbye to drop calls and poor voice quality. Enjoy clear calls, seamless text and 100% connectivity. 

Easy to Install and Maintain – It is very easy to install and maintain. Unlike wifi you do not need a password to operate. Just plug, play and enjoy. 

Longer Battery Life – When the network is poor, your phone drains a lot of battery to connect with the nearest cell tower. So when the signal is strong, you save a lot of battery. 

Wide Range & Affordable – Boosters come in a wide variety tailor suiting the requirement of the consumer. It works on all network providers.

Uninterrupted Browsing – With everything available at the click of a button, it becomes necessary that the browsing experience is uninterrupted. Who likes a loading website or the buffering on YouTube. We know that you don’t. 

Unlimited Users – The beauty of this product is, it is not limited to any one user. It is not affected by the number of users either. It can be used by unlimited users. 

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Types Of Mobile Network Booster available in Delhi

Mobile Signal Booster in Delhi comes in a wide variety to tailor meet the requirement of the consumer. It depends on the needs of the user, the area they want to boost and the operator and frequencies they will like to boost. Broadly they are two types of needs of the user. One is the technology they will like to boost like 2G 3G or 4G frequency. The other one is the mobile operator they would like to boost like Jio, Airtel, Vodafone etc in India.

What You Should Keep in Mind Before Buying Mobile Signal Booster in Delhi?

There are a lot of people selling Mobile Network Boosters and it is easily available in the market. However there are some things that one should keep in mind before buying a Mobile Signal Booster in Delhi. 

Sub Standard Quality – A lot of people are selling substandard and low quality products that lasts only a couple of months.

High Radiation – Some boosters emit high radiation that can significantly impact your health. Avoid buying those products. 

Refurbished Products – Some sellers sell second hand or refurbished products that does not last long. 

Non Regulated Booster – People are selling unregulated products that are not approved or fit to use. We only encourage selling products that are approved by FCC(Federal Communications Commission). All our products are approved by the FCC. 

Where Can I install a Mobile Network Booster in Delhi?

Mobile Signal Booster can be Installed anywhere depending on your requirement and where you are facing difficulties. 

Mobile Signal Booster for Home is a great plug and play device to enhance mobile network for your home. It is a blessing for people struggling with poor cellular network. We understand the inconvenience caused by poor signal in your day to day activities. Call drops, poor voice quality, slow internet speed and continuous buffering is just the tip of the iceberg. But luckily we have one stop solution for all your network problems, our range of network boosters for home. 

Mobile Signal Booster for Office is an electronic device that helps in improving mobile signal and provides better call quality throughout your office. It is a blessing for people who face poor voice quality, call drops and slow internet speed. We can understand that loss in business caused by poor cellular network. This is why our range of Signal Booster  is just the solution for. Do not think of it as an expense, but an asset for your business. Because businesses that stay connected with their customers, excel in the long run. 

Mobile Signal Booster for Basement is a simple plug and play, electronic device that helps to improve weak cellular network. We know that call drops, poor voice quality, and slow internet can be very disappointing. But you do not have to worry about it anymore. Our range of Network Boosters for Basement is just the solution you are looking for. We have network boosters to tailor meet the requirements of all our customers. So you relax in your basement and leave all your network problems behind. 

What Causes Weak Mobile Signals in Delhi?

Sometimes you wonder what could be the reason for such a poor cellular network. Why we are  not able to make a simple call or why is it taking so long to send a text. We understand that buffering icon on YouTube is irritating and nobody wants to see that. So let us share a few reasons for the weak mobile signal in Delhi.

Distance from cell tower– This is no brainer and quite simple to understand. The farther you are away from the cell tower, the weaker the signal gets. Your phone, in this case, might not be strong enough to communicate back with the cellphone tower.

Over Populated Cell Tower – Sometimes the nearest cell tower is jam packed with an influx of users. A lot of people are trying to connect to the same cell tower causing weak signals throughout the area.

Low Battery – A lot of battery gets drained when your cell phone is trying to connect with the nearest cell tower. So when there is no sufficient battery in your phone, it gets difficult for your phone to connect with the nearest cell tower. 

Outside Obstruction – Obstruction outside your home such as trees, high rise buildings, rough terrain or mountains can weaken your mobile signal. These objects act as an obstruction and can significantly reduce your mobile signal. Weather also plays a significant role in cellular signal.

Inside Obstruction – Construction material like cement, bricks, steel etc can drastically weaken your network. It becomes difficult for the cellular signal to travel through walls. This is why you get better signal in balcony or at the terrace.

How to Install Mobile Signal Booster

Installing a Mobile Signal Booster is no rocket science. It is very easy to install a Network Booster and does not require any expertise. If you buy a Mobile Signal Booster from us, the installation is on us. You just need to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy clear voice calls and uninterrupted browsing. However we like educating our users on how to install a Mobile Signal Booster. Just simply follow the steps below. 

Check Signal Outside – The first and most important step is to find the best signal outside the building, or on the terrace. Outside signal should preferably be between -50 to -70 dBm. To learn about how to check Mobile Signal Strength, Click Here. 

Install Outdoor Antenna – Now that you know where the best signal is, install an outdoor antenna, on a pole or mount it to a wall. Make sure it is installed as high as possible. Keep in mind that it is facing the nearest cell tower. 

Connect To Signal Booster Device – Connect the outdoor antenna with signal booster inside your home using a coax cable (don’t worry, coax cable will also be included in the kit). It is as easy to connect as it is to connect aux cable in your car. 

Install Indoor Antenna – Place your indoor antenna in an area where you wish to enhance the signal. Install it on the roof or mount it to a wall. Now connect the indoor antenna with the signal booster using coax cable.

Plug n Play – Just connect the Signal Booster to power using the adaptor. And ta-da… You have successfully installed Mobile Signal Booster. Now what is left is to enjoy unparalleled voice quality, no call drops and uninterrupted browsing. 

Some FAQ

Do Mobile Signal Boosters really work?

Of course Mobile Signal Boosters work, or the one’s delivered by us work for sure. You must be thinking how can we be so sure. Good Question. After successfully installing more than 9,000 Signal Boosters, we can safely say that they work flawlessly. The real question is, how long do they work. Most of the companies in India are importing low-quality products that might last for a year or two. We sell products that last a lifetime and your grand kids might easily be able to use it. 

Is there an App to Boost Mobile Signal?

A lot of people ask us this question, if there is an app that can increase signal strength. The answer is simple. NO. It is humanly impossible to do so via an application. It requires a hardware device and can only be done by an external device. If certain apps claim that they increase Mobile Signal, then I can help you buy property on Mars at affordable prices.