13 Ways to Improve Mobile Signal for Free

13 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Signal for Free

We understand that getting bad signals at your office or home can be irksome. Before you get irritated by the poor network and invest your money in Mobile Signal Booster, which is undoubtedly effective, here are some ways to improve mobile signal without spending a penny. We know you love free stuff! We do too.

How to Improve Mobile Signal

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Change Network Provider

We pay for data and cellular services that we avail. Every network provider charges a nominal fee for data and calling. It is nominal now, thanks to Jio. But the point is, no one is giving us these services for free, sadly not even Jio now. So why stay loyal to only one network provider. There are some providers that work better in one area and some work better in other areas. It is advisable to try changing your network provider to the one whose signal is strong in your area. Ask your neighbours, which network they are using and if their networks are stable. Try switching to that particular network. Anyway if you are going to monthly pay your bill, why not choose a network provider that actually works well in your area. This will help you significantly improve mobile signal.

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Use Your WiFi Network for Calling

WiFi calling uses your WiFi internet instead of cellular service to make calls and connect to the web. It is a high definition voice service that uses high speed internet connection to help you make and receive calls over a WiFi network. This is one of the most effective ways to overcome signal problems. But keep in mind, you need a very high speed and stable WiFi or else you will witness call drops and poor voice quality which is again irksome. Only the most updated and latest smartphones have this feature available. So if you are using an old or obsolete phone, chances are that you might not see this option.

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Remove The Objects That Obstruct With The Cellular Reception

There are some objects in our day to day lives that weaken the mobile signal and result in poor call quality. The only thing that we need to keep in mind is to make sure we have minimum obstructions between our cell tower and cellular device. Buildings, hills, trees, construction material like cement and steel dampens the cellular signal. Objects with magnetic fields or metal objects also retrain the cellular network. So try to be in as open areas as possible so your cellular device comes in direct line with the cell tower and there are no obstructions in between.

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Hold The Cell Phone Properly So That Its Antenna Is Not Blocked In Any Way

Older phones usually had an antenna on top and it was nearly impossible to block it unintentionally. This antenna was crucial to send and receive signals to and from the cell tower. With latest advancement in technology in communication and launch of smartphones, the antenna is tucked inside the phone. By holding your phone in a landscape position, you might be blocking the cell antenna. Although your smartphone is designed in a way to combat this problem, but with your tight grip and phone cover you might witness some weak signals. So it is advisable to hold your phone upright and vertically to avoid this scenario.

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Try To Move Away From Highly Populated Areas

There are times when you are in highly populated areas like a bazaar, malls, concert or a cricket stadium, you face difficulty in establishing a strong cellular connection. When there are thousands of people around you, using their mobile phones at the same time, the nearest cell tower gets overwhelmed by an influx of traffic. This is usually followed by low download and upload speed, poor voice quality, call drops, slow internet and stuck text messages. The solution is simple here. Keep yourself away from the crowd. But if you live in a highly populated residential area, like most of us in India, moving to another less crowded area just to improve cellular network is not a financially a great idea.

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Avoid Low Battery and Charge Frequently

Whenever you try to make a call, your phone uses power to connect with the nearest cell tower. If your phone is on low battery, then your phone sheds lower power and thus it gets difficult to connect with the nearest cell tower. Usually phones are programmed in a way to use less power when the battery is low. So at times when there is insufficient battery, you experience poor network. So in such situations, try to locate a charging point or a power bank if possible. If none of them is available, lower your screen brightness to the minimum, close all other applications, turn off wifi, bluetooth and cellular data to avoid draining your battery.

Use Airplane Mode to Improve Mobile Signal

One simple trick of getting network back on your phone is through airplane mode. You just need to turn airplane mode on for 10 seconds and turn it back off. This will force your mobile to locate and reconnect with the nearest cell tower. This technique is really efficient and works wonders. If you are facing difficulties surfing online or your phone is getting 3G signals and you wish it to automatically retrieve to 4G, airplane mode could be really helpful. You can also try restarting your phone.

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Update to Latest Version of Your Phone Software

Sometimes software bugs and glitches also result in sub optimal signals and poor call quality. With such software bugs, the phone is not able to automatically find the correct network provider. The chances of this happening is very rare but we can be proactive by updating our software to the latest version. It will be better to update the software than being frustrated by the cellular network provider.

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Remove Your Sim Card and Reinsert it

One other way of getting cellular network on your phone is through removing your sim card and reinserting it. Gently remove your sim card and thoroughly clean it with a piece of cloth. Sometimes the dust particles stuck on the sim card also cause hindrances and result in poor network. You can also request your network provider for a new sim with the same number as sometimes old sims are partly damaged and do not work as expected. Usually network providers exchange the new sim for an old for free. This also give your phone a boost and improve mobile signal significantly.

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Turn Off Any Services You’re Not Currently Using

You are already familiar with multiple purposes our cell phones are used for. Watching movies and surfing the internet with wifi. Sharing data and connecting audio devices via bluetooth. Sometimes these services also take up the bandwidth that is needed for faster data and clear calls. Try disabling these services on your phone and see if your signal improves.

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Remove Back Cover

It may sound weird and far fetched but your mobile cover can also act as obstruction and weaken your signal. Our aim is to make sure we clear any obstruction between our mobile and cell tower. This strategy, well let's face it, is not very effective, but we have seen that it does improve mobile signal to a certain extent.

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Change your location

Signal tends to be better on higher floors. It is because you are able to eliminate all the obstruction at ground level. That is primarily the reason that signals are weak in the basement. It is advised to go outside for better cellular services. You can also try moving closer towards windows at your home because cell phone signals are also impacted by construction material like cement, bricks and steel. You can also move up a floor or on your terrace for strong, uninterrupted and obstruction free cellular signals.

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Switching to 3G may Improve Mobile Signal

4G LTE is a technology most of us are hooked on these days. And why wouldn’t we be using 4G LTE, it is undoubtedly faster than 3G and 2G. Internet speed, downloading and uploading is also faster. So when everyone is browsing and using 4G, it is bound to be overwhelmed with users. So 3G network, which is a slower network, is a better option. So simply go to settings in your android phone, then sim and network settings, then preferred network type and select 2G/3G (Automatic).

Conclusion – We really hope you that the above mentioned solutions work for you.  They have worked extremely well for a lot of our users. If they do not, you really do not have to worry about it at all. We have a perfect solution that will guaranteed work for you. You can install a Mobile Signal Booster.

Mobile Signal Booster (also known as Mobile Signal Repeater) is an electronic device that helps in improving mobile signal, voice quality and network at your home, office or basement. It is primarily made of 3 components: outdoor antenna, amplifier and indoor antenna. The outdoor antenna is generally placed at the roof or outside your home or office. It transmits a signal to an amplifier which amplifies the signal and broadcasts it to the area where the signal is weak. In other words, Mobile Signal Booster amplifies the signal outside your home and rebroadcasts it to an area where there is weak or no network. In simple words, it is like megaphone for your weak signals. 

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